Caia for employers

The intelligent health & wellbeing app supporting workplaces throughout pregnancy, parental leave & parenthood

Making pregnancy, parental leave and parenthood in the workplace better for everyone

Caia improves engagement, wellbeing and mental resilience for all employees. By doing so, we help companies improve retention by 20%, increase gender equity and reducing the cost of attrition.

Services for employees

Our intelligent guide saves time and makes it easy for employees to get the support they need by taking in their life stage and needs and directing them to personalised products, content, and support:

Ask Caia

Ask us anything. Your questions answered in app to get you to the support you need faster.


In app digital consultations with our network of medical professionals, lactation consultants, sleep coaches, and mental and wellbeing experts. All coupled with mental health and wellness tracking aligned to recognised global research.


We offer a repository of hundreds of ‘1 minute read’ articles, infographics, checklists & mindfulness exercises designed to inform and empower employees.


Prescriptions & medications available in app that can be delivered to door for convenience, discretion and time saving.

Benefits Marketplace

In app consolidation of existing employer-provided benefits helps to provide transparency and increase utilisation of services your employees have access to but rarely take full advantage of.


Why Caia is good business

We go beyond traditional 'nice to have' wellness benefits by offering data-driven support:

Reduce costs & improved gender equity

Caia supports employees through pregnancy, return to work and parenthood, reducing the likelihood of attrition, improving gender equity.

Attract and retain the best employees

Caia gives you tangible evidence that you champion your workforce. Enhance your reputation as an employer of choice by providing innovative, modern support.

Build workforce engagement and resilience

Caia connects and supports employees, managers and HR teams across the end-to-end pregnancy and return to work journey.

Measure your social and financial impact

We help you measure outcomes and engagement, offering in-depth data insights and analytics to demonstrate return on investment.

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