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We help businesses shift the dial on women & family health and gender equity


Caia is good business.

Here's why retaining and attracting more women is good for your business:

More profits

Companies with 30% female leadership had better profits than similar companies with no female leadership (Source: Peterson Institute for International Economics)

More innovation

Companies with women in leadership positions filed 20% more patents than companies with only male leaders (Source: University of Arizona, Eller College of Management)

Better economic conditions

Bringing more women into the workforce would grow the Australian economy by $25B (source: Game Changers, The Grattan Institute)

We support women & families at all life stages

Using Caia, we can help women and families access vetted experts, content and products at the touch of a button to help them be their best selves in the workplace.

General Wellness

General health & wellness for everyone including diet and nutrition, mental health experts, GPs and registered nurses.

Pregnancy, Maternity & Back-to-Work

We support parents (and soon to be parents) through their fertility journey, pregnancy, breastfeeding, sleep coaching and to returning to work.


We provide advice on nutrition, health coaching and expert support to women as they transition through menopause.

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