Access to trusted healthcare across life stages - wherever and whenever you need it.

Who is Caia?

Caia is a new way to think about women’s and family health. We provide easy, seamless access to holistic healthcare and support for women and families.

Why? Well, navigating life stages is hard - in particular when you are simultaneously trying to juggle a career. Often, we have so many questions. Is this pain normal? I thought getting pregnant was supposed to be easy? Why can't my baby feed? Why is my hair falling out? Why am I so anxious about returning to work?

This, combined with the pressure to do it all, means many of us are struggling to find time for our health. We created Caia to make it all a bit easier.

Using our intelligent tool we are able to learn more about you and your unique needs and take that information to deliver the support, content and products you need in a way that is convenient and easy. We do the heavy lifting so that you can breathe a bit easier and spend more time doing the things you love.

We focus on integrative and holistic health across all life stages because we know that when it comes to wellness it’s all connected - mind, body, and spirit. That’s why you will find a broad range of providers and services available in app: covering everything from sleep coaching and mindfulness meditation to fertility support and manager training. Real life support for modern women and families.

We are continuously building out our services and working with you our customers and practitioners to get it right.

We believe that with the right guides and the right crew of support around you, living a holistic life can be fun - dare we say it even downright joyful!