Access to trusted healthcare wherever and whenever you need it - across life stages.

Who is Caia?

Caia is a new way to think about women’s and family health. We use technology to create easy, seamless access to holistic healthcare and support for women and their families.

Women and families using Caia can connect with qualified health and wellness professionals from their mobile, tablet or laptop at a time that works for them.

We are focused on integrative and holistic health across all life stages because we know that when it comes to female wellness it’s all connected - mind, body, and spirit. Our female hormones are beautiful and they make our bodies and experiences as women so unique. But there are times when they can get a bit pesky and when not in alignment can affect our overall reproductive health, mental wellness, sleep and even fertility.

We are building out our services and working with you our customers, and practitioners to get it right.

We believe that with the right guides and the right crew of support around you, living a holistic life in a woman’s body can be fun - dare we say it even downright joyful!

About us

Caia's Co-founding Team

Dr. Cortina McCurry | CEO

Cortina is Caia's CEO and co-founder. She is the mama to a beautiful and precocious 3 year old, and a purpose driven leader intent on pushing for innovation within women's health, shining light on opportunities to address unmet needs and enabling women to lead more joyful lives.

PhD in Systems Neuroscience

Cortina holds a PhD from MIT and has a deep understanding of the brain-reproductive connection & brain-gut connection

15+ years experience in Healthcare & Operations

Cortina was a Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) before leaving to launch Caia. At BCG she was focused on healthcare and technology across corporates, not for profits, and startups. She was a leader of BCG’s Diversity Initiative and an advocate for self care and empowering women in the workplace.

Expert in Women's Health

Cortina has a passion for holistic and integrative care, and bringing together data and technology to drive progress in women’s and family health and wellness.


Rob Haggett | COO

Rob is Caia's COO and co-founder. With over 10 years of experience working in human services, health and wellbeing, he's passionate about contributing to meaningful social impact.

Strategy & Operations Consultant

Rob was a Senior Manager in strategy and operations consulting with Deloitte, having previously worked in EY's Supply Chain & Operations practice.

10 years experience in Social Impact

Rob has deep social impact expertise, having managed international health and education projects for women across Asia Pacific including Australia, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines

Experienced Business Founder

Rob was previously a Founder and Director of 2 businesses in the UK and currently sits on the board of a not-for-profit health organisation in Sydney.